SHAKE-UP at FBI: Director Wray removes suspected LEAKER and Comey confidant

(National SentinelSwamp Drain: FBI Director Christopher Wray is making his first major personnel changes since taking over the embattled federal law enforcement agency in the wake of revelations that some top agents plotted against President Donald J. Trump.

As Zero Hedge reports, within hours after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe delivered private testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Wray, his bossy, announced that the bureau’s top lawyer would be leaving his position.

Wray said that the move was an attempt to bring “new blood” into a bureau whose reputation has been dramatically compromised by a series of revelations regarding partisan bias among top agents and officials.

The bias, say critics, indicates undue influence was exerted during two high-profile investigations involving Trump and his Democratic rival last year, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As the Washington Post reported, the FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, is being reassigned. The paper went on to say that his removal is part of Wray’s effort to build his own team of senior bureau advisers as he works to repair his agency’s reputation and bury allegations of rank partisanship.

As for Baker, Circa News’ Sara Carter reported in July that he was allegedly under investigation for leaking classified information to the press.

“Three sources, with knowledge of the investigation, told Circa that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing leak investigation, but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what national security information or material was allegedly leaked,” Carter reported.

A federal law enforcement official familiar with the probe said that “the bureau is scouring for leakers and there’s been a lot of investigations.”

Baker was said to be a close associate and confidant of fired FBI Director James Comey.

Also, recent media reports hinted that he was reportedly advising Comey on legal matters following private meetings the former director had in February with President Trump in the Oval Office.

Baker was appointed to the FBI’s general counsel by Comey in 2014 and has had a long and distinguished history within the intelligence community.

Baker was moved to a different position within the bureau, the Post noted.

As for Comey, memos he leaked to the media regarding meetings with the president also contained classified information.

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2 thoughts on “SHAKE-UP at FBI: Director Wray removes suspected LEAKER and Comey confidant”

  1. this is just the tip of the iceberg in cleaning out and up the FBI and this also includes Mueller that was in on the uranium one deal with Hillary Clinton selling America’s uranium to Russia (Putin) which is akin to treason as this is a resource sorely needed for the defence of america and medical needs of america also and it is in short supply in the world even in America. lock them up!-drain the swamp!


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