Nunes drops BOMB: Carter Page was FBI informant in 2013! (Video)

(National SentinelDeep State: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes confirmed on Saturday reports and rumors suggesting that one-time Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page was, for a time, an informant for the FBI.

In an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Nunes also said that after Page joined the Trump campaign, the FBI used him in order to gain access to other officials — essentially everyone within the president’s campaign that he came into contact with.

“We know now because it’s been declassified, we know that anyone who was talking to Carter Page was likely picked up by authorities,” Nunes, R-Calif., told Bartiromo.

According to prior reporting and revelations contained in the FISA memo that Nunes’ panel released earlier this month, the FBI sought a counterintelligence surveillance warrant against Page twice in 2016 — once in June and again in October.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court denied the first request — which is a rarity — but granted the second request after the FBI introduced an unsubstantiated document which has become known as the “Trump dossier” authored by former British spy Christopher Steele as evidence of possible espionage.

The FISA memo noted that the FBI did not inform the court that the dossier was a political opposition research document commissioned by DC firm Fusion GPS and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

It’s not clear if the FBI told the FISC that Page was once an informant for the bureau.

“Carter Page is an interesting individual,” Nunes said. “But he’s also a guy who cooperated with the FBI back in 2013, they used him in a court case to say that the Russians actually didn’t even want to recruit [him]…look, I don’t agree with Carter Page on very much, but the guy shouldn’t have his emails and phone calls listened to and eavesdropped into.”

He also noted that Steele lied to the FBI, which is why Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., of the Judiciary Committee have sent the Justice Department a criminal referral to have him investigated.

There’s more, here, per Fox Business:

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Key Trump dossier figure Carter Page disputes MAJOR allegation in document; ‘NEVER met’ Russian figure

(National SentinelRussian Hoax: While most political and intelligence leaders are convinced that Russia attempted to disrupt the 2016 presidential election, many are far less certain Moscow “colluded” with the Trump campaign to do so.

A continued dearth of evidence is contributing to those doubts, and Carter Page, a key figure in the unproven “Trump dossier” put together by former British spy Christopher Steele, refuted yet another major claim made in the document on Monday night.

During an appearance on Fox News‘ “The Ingraham Angle” with Laura Ingraham, Page flatly denied he had ever met with a Russian government agent who allegedly offered him money in exchange for lifting sanctions, as the dossier asserts.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Page, a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser and subject of a FISA warrant that was sought after by the FBI due to claims made in the Steele dossier, said he had never met a Russian official named Igor Sechin, who, the dossier claims, supposedly offered Page billions of dollars in return for him pressuring the Trump administration to lift sanctions against Russia.

Earlier on Monday, Donald Trump Jr., told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson that Page was never a major figure in his father’s campaign. During his interview with Ingraham, Page said that was accurate.

Later, Page stated unequivocally that he never met Sechin.

“You could tell that there were positive opportunities on the horizon in terms of U.S., Russia relations,” said Page.

“Was that Sechin? Was that Igor Sechin?” asked Ingraham.

“No, I’ve never met Sechin in my life,” Page responded.

The DC noted further:

Ingraham then read the paragraph in the dossier that details the alleged relationship between Page and Sechin, which claims that Sechin offered Page a significant stake in the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft in exchange for Page’s confirmation that if elected president, Trump would lift sanctions on Russia.

Page said if that were true, the stake offered would have been worth billions of dollars.

Page’s denial is significant in that the recently-released FISA memo noted that the FBI relied in large part on the unverified dossier in order to obtain a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court so the bureau could spy on Page.

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Trump on FISA memo’s revelations: ‘I think it’s a disgrace’; president MUST pardon anyone caught up in crosshairs of special counsel Mueller

By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National SentinelClean House: As you might have guessed, President Donald J. Trump — the subject of one the biggest political hit jobs in the history of the republic — was none too happy about the findings of the House Intelligence Committee contained in the so-called “FISA memo” released on Friday.

“I think it’s terrible,” Trump said, as quoted by The Associated Press. “You want to know the truth. I think it’s a disgrace. What’s going on in this country, I think it’s a disgrace.”

As reported by NewsTarget, the memo reveals “serial abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by upper echelon officials in the FBI and Justice Department to prevent [Trump] from becoming president, and to undermine him after he defeated Hillary Clinton in November 2016.”

The four-page memo goes on, noting that Clinton, several U.S. media outlets, top-ranking figures within DOJ and FBI including some that are still serving, and others conspired to create a bogus “dossier” full of false and salacious charges that purportedly came from Russian “sources,” and then pretend it was a legitimate intelligence document in order to secure a top-secret surveillance warrant so the Obama regime could spy on the Trump campaign. (Related: FISA memo released — bombshell report reveals MASSIVE Deep State conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the White House)

These same people knew that the dossier — which was paid for by the Clinton campaign through a third-party law firm (because ol’ Hill is so cloak-and-dagger) — was just a political document, not real intelligence.

So yeah, it certainly is a “disgrace” all of this happened.

But it goes much deeper than that. It’s also criminal. At least it has been so far for Carter Page, the principal Trump campaign official put under surveillance by political appointees and others within the DOJ and FBI. And former national security advisor Michael Flynn, indicted and convicted of “lying” to the FBI. And others caught up in this web of deceit.

But it’s also criminal because certain officials within the FBI and DOJ willfully misrepresented “evidence” before a federal court — the FISA court — in order to obtain a surveillance warrant so they could improperly spy on an American citizen.

Like the Gestapo, or Stasi, or KGB.

There is no other choice for the president: He must fire Robert Mueller, whose appointment was also based on this same bogus information; he must fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who signed off on the bogus FISA warrant application at least twice and who appointed Mueller knowing the Trump dossier was opposition research and not intelligence; and he must pardon Flynn (and maybe Page someday) since they have were ensnared in a political operation.

A version of this report first appeared at

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NY Times in full COVER-UP mode to help DEMS save their ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ narrative as House closes in on FBI’s improper use of ‘dossier’

(National SentinelDeep State Corruption: A report over the New Year’s holiday weekend by The New York Times claiming that a once-minor figure in the presidential campaign of President Donald J. Trump is really responsible for the FBI’s counterintelligence probe of Team Trump is getting pushback from a former Justice Dept. prosecutor who says the story sounds like political cover for Democrats.

Andrew McCarthy, writing in National Review Online, said that the paper is attempting to save the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative with “Collusion 2.0,” “in which it is George Papadopoulos — then a 28-year-old whose idea of résumé enhancement was to feign participation in the Model U.N. — who triggered the FBI’s massive probe by . . . wait for it . . . a night of boozy blather in London.”

The Times initially claimed in an April 2017 piece that former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page triggered the FBI’s counterintelligence probe after a June 2016 visit to Moscow. The FBI reportedly obtained a warrant from the secretive FISA court in order to launch surveillance of the entire Trump campaign a few months before the November 2016 election.

But, as McCarthy noted in his column, the change of narrative appears to be linked to ongoing revelations surrounding the now-infamous “Trump dossier,” a piece of opposition research commissioned by a Democrat-leaning firm, Fusion GPS, and paid for in large part by the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Republicans in Congress, and in particular House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes of California, increasing believe that the FBI used the dossier as a quasi-intelligence document to obtain the FISA warrant without ever the dossier’s salacious claims of espionage.

“[I]t turns out the Page angle and thus the collusion narrative itself is beset by an Obama-administration scandal: Slowly but surely, it has emerged that the Justice Department and FBI very likely targeted Page because of the Steele dossier, a Clinton-campaign opposition-research screed disguised as intelligence reporting,” McCarthy wrote.

“Increasingly, it appears that the Bureau failed to verify Steele’s allegations before the DOJ used some of them to bolster an application for a spying warrant from the FISA court.”

He’s not the only one who thinks so. House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said the same thing last month.

“The easiest way to clear it up is tell us what’s in that application and who took it there,” Jordan said in an interview following the committee’s attempt to get an answer to that question from senior FBI and Justice Department officials.

It is due to the persistence of Nunes and Republicans that the dossier story won’t go away, McCarthy said, prompting the need for Democrats and their allies in the media to craft another version of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, to deflect attention away from the possible misuse of the document.

McCarthy noted further:

First, we were led to believe the dossier was no big deal because the FBI would surely have corroborated any information before the DOJ fed it to a federal judge in a warrant application. Then, when the Clinton campaign’s role in commissioning the dossier came to light, we were told it was impertinent to ask about what the FBI did, if anything, to corroborate it since this could imperil intelligence methods and sources — and, besides, such questions were just a distraction from the all-important Mueller investigation (which the dossier had a hand in instigating and which, to date, has turned up no evidence of a Trump-Russia conspiracy).

Lately, the story has morphed into this: Well, even if the dossier was used, it was only used a little — there simply must have been lots of other evidence that Trump was in cahoots with Putin. But that’s not going to fly: Putting aside the dearth of collusion evidence after well over a year of aggressive investigation, the dossier is partisan propaganda. If it was not adequately corroborated by the FBI, and if the Justice Department, without disclosing its provenance to the court, nevertheless relied on any part of it in a FISA application, that is a major problem.

The Times assigned a half-dozen top reporters and a researcher to the Page story, the former federal prosecutor noted, which meant the paper gave the story top priority. He noted further that despite the effort the paper put into the story, which allegedly included information gleaned from several insider sources, “the name George Papadopoulos” never appeared in the report about Page.

“It is an explosive problem, this use of the dossier by the Obama Justice Department and the FBI in an application to the FISA court for authority to spy on Trump’s associates. Politically, it suggests that the collusion narrative peddled by Democrats and the media since Trump’s victory in the November election was substantially driven by partisan propaganda,” wrote McCarthy.

He also said there were legal implications for the misuse of the dossier.

“Legally, it raises the distinct possibilities that (a) the FBI did not adequately verify the claims in the dossier before using them in an application to the secret federal court; and (b) the Justice Department of the then-incumbent Democratic administration did not disclose to the court that the dossier was produced by the Democratic presidential campaign for use against the rival Republican candidate,” he wrote.

CNN reported in April 2017 that the FBI did indeed use the dossier to obtain the FISA warrant.

“[N]ow, with the Page foundation of the collusion narrative collapsing, and with the heat on over the Obama administration’s use of the dossier, it is apparently Papadopoulos to the rescue,” McCarthy wrote.

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Expert: Bogus Trump ‘dossier’ was NOT ‘just opposition research’ but used by FBI to launch ‘collusion’ probes

(National SentinelElection 2016: An expert from the Center for Security Policy says that the so-called “Trump dossier” bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee through Fusion GPS last year is much more than “just opposition research.”

Fred Fleitz, vice president for Policy and Programs told One America News Network‘s Liz Wheeler on Monday that the dossier was something other than what has been portrayed.

His observations followed testimony earlier in the day by former unpaid Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, in which he denied there was any “collusion” between campaign officials. Page also said that all information contained in the dossier on him was false.

Asked if there was any proof of Page’s claims, Fleitz responded that he couldn’t prove or disprove them.

What he found “astounding,” however, is that “apparently, FBI investigations of Page were sparked by this dossier,” Fleitz said.

“This goes against the media narrative, the Democratic narrative, that this was just mere opposition research, that this is done all the time. No, it wasn’t,” he said.

“This was a foreign intelligence officer paid by the Democrats to work with the Russians to prepare a dossier to smear a presidential candidate from the other party,” he said, referencing former British spy Christopher Steele, with whom Fusion GPS contracted to produce the dossier.

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“This is not ‘opposition research,’ and if they somehow got the FBI involved into investigating members of the other party…Liz, think what would have happened if Trump had did this,” Fleitz said.

Wheeler said if that had happened with Trump as president, he would have faced allegations that he used the power of government to help him defeat a political opponent.

Watch the entire interview below or click here.

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Third figure named in fake ‘Trump dossier’ files slander suit

(National SentinelPolitical Justice: A third figure who was identified in a now-infamous but wholly discredited “dossier” on Team Trump financed by Democrats and Democratic operatives is filing a slander suit.

As the Washington Times reports, Carter Page, a former low-level Trump campaign associate acting as his own lawyer, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan against Yahoo News and HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post) through owner Oath Inc.

The Times reported further:

Mr. Page, an energy investor who does business in Russia and lived in Moscow for a time, charges that the two news outlets libeled him by repeating dossier accusations that he met two Kremlin figures in July 2016 and tried to negotiate an end to U.S. sanctions.

The false charges, he says, brought him “irreparable damage” and subjected him to voicemail death threats. He seeks $75,000 in damages.

Previously, a Russian tech entrepreneur and Russian bank owners filed defamation lawsuits against news outlets that posted the dossier.

Since the discredited dossier was produced and published, Page has steadfastly denied ever having such a meeting, even providing his denial to FBI agents (it’s a crime to lie to an FBI agent, by the way).

More from the Times:

Glenn R. Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter turned liberal opposition researcher, circulated the dossier during the campaign to a number of news sites. Financed by a Hillary Clinton backer, the document was produced in sequential memos by former British spy Christopher Steele, who relied principally on paid Kremlin sources.

By September last year, the first significant dossier-based article appeared in Yahoo News by Michael Isikoff, who has produced a number of Washington scoops over several decades. The story told of Mr. Carter’s supposed illicit meetings in Moscow, where he had traveled that summer to give a public speech to a university.


Yahoo News did not quote the dossier as its sourcebut instead cited intelligence sources. The actual source was the Democratic-paid Mr. Steele, who briefed a number a liberal media sites at the behest of Mr. Simpson and his Fusion GPS intelligence firm.

The Yahoo story set off a firestorm. HuffPost published follow-up articles. The Clinton campaign issued press releases on how Mr. Carter was part of Trump-Russia collusion. The Clinton camp attacked Mr. Carter on TV and radio.

This needs to happen. It’s about time responsible parties that helped create the phony “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative were held to account.

Now, someone needs to find a way to make the politically motivated “special prosecutor” investigation led by Robert Mueller go away. This story is just more proof the whole thing is bogus.

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