If Congress doesn’t pass DACA legalization, then Dreamers will…LEAVE

(National SentinelAdios, America: A group of so-called “Dreamers” — illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as children by their parents — is threatening to self-deport if Congress fails to pass legislation legalizing their presence inside the country.

In an interview with CNN, one of the Dreamers, Alex Velez, said, “I will leave. I will leave America as soon as possible,” claiming that she would prefer to depart the country on her own terms than wait for the United States to collect and deport her.

She and others like her believe that by self-deporting their absence will be noticed by Americans and missed.

“Velez and her sister claim they own businesses, pay tuition, and hold jobs, and that America has a duty to keep them here in order to maintain their contributions,” The Daily Wire reported.

Both girls are from Venezuela, a country that is currently collapsing under the Marxist regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

President Obama implemented the Dreamers plan — formally known as Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — in September by executive order. Critics at the time decried the order, claiming it was an unconstitutional change to immigration law, which only Congress can do.

As many as 10 states lined up to challenge DACA in federal court. As such, President Donald J. Trump rescinded the order in September and gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix.

That deadline is March 5.

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Once again, Democrats WON’T VOTE to fund the MILITARY

(National SentinelAiding the Enemy: The House on Tuesday voted along party lines to pass another continuing resolution rather than a full-on budget, though the measure did include $700 billion for the Defense Department for the remaining fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

However, Democratic leaders in the Senate have already proclaimed the bill “dead on arrival” because it doesn’t contain funding increases for domestic spending programs.

“House Republicans continue marching down a very partisan road, proposing a [bill] that will raise defense spending but leave everything else behind,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said, “and as I have said many times before, a CRomnibus will not pass the Senate. Speaker [Paul] Ryan and House Republicans keep running into the same brick wall.”

“Republicans must stop governing from manufactured crisis to crisis, and work with Democrats to pass the many urgent, long overdue priorities of the American people,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said, blaming Ryan as well.

Republicans have been working towards passage of full budget, but have gotten no help at all from Democrats. That much is evident by the party line votes.

And while Republicans in the House can pass a fully funded federal budgeting legislation, they need Democratic support in the Senate where a 60-vote majority is required to approve legislation.

Republicans currently hold a slight 51-49 majority in the upper chamber; Democrats repeatedly refused to support fully funded annual spending bills throughout the Obama administration and continuing their obstinance in the Trump presidency.

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Continuing resolutions keep government bureaucracies open, but they have dramatically harmed military readiness, as the Pentagon and top service chiefs have repeatedly testified before various congressional committees for years.

Defense officials say the services cannot plan ahead to develop and buy new and upgraded weapons systems without reliable annual funding. They also note that it is difficult to retain the defense industrial base because contractors leave the sector to find other forms of revenue.

As such, the service chiefs and top defense officials have argued that the CRs are hurting national security, but Democrats don’t seem to be getting the message.

The point was made again Tuesday during an appearance before the House Armed Services Committee by Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who said that without reliable funding for the Pentagon, Congress was “abrogating its responsibility to provide reliable funding” to the military.

“Our military remains capable, but our competitive edge has eroded in every domain of warfare—air, land, sea, space, and cyber. Under frequent continuing resolutions and sequester’s budget caps, our advantages continue to shrink. The combination of rapidly changing technology, the negative impact on military readiness resulting from the longest continuous stretch of combat in our nation’s history, and insufficient funding have created an overstretched and under-resourced military,” he said.

“Let me be clear: as hard as the last 16 years of war have been, no enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of the U.S. military than the combined impact of the Budget Control Act’s defense spending caps, worsened by operating in 10 of the last 11 years under continuing resolutions of varied and unpredictable duration,” Mattis added.

Added Speaker Ryan: “The only reason we do not have a full budget agreement is because Democrats continue to hold funding for our government hostage over an unrelated issue.”

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Trey Gowdy RESIGNING from Congress: Here’s his full statement

(National SentinelDeparture: Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a reliably conservative voice in Congress, becomes the latest Republican to announce his retirement from elected office.

In a statement to the press and constituents, Gowdy said he was appreciative of his time in office and wanted to announce his retirement early enough to give the GOP time to find and field a good candidate.

Gowdy said he would be returning “to the justice system.” He served as a federal prosecutor before running for office.

Here is his full statement:

“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to the people of South Carolina for the privilege of representing them in the House of Representatives. The Upstate of South Carolina has an incredible depth and breadth of assets including numerous women and men capable of representing us. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to serve in the People’s House and—prior to Congress—to advocate on behalf of justice in our court systems.

I will not be filing for re-election to Congress nor seeking any other political or elected office; instead I will be returning to the justice system. Whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress, and I enjoy our justice system more than our political system. As I look back on my career, it is the jobs that both seek and reward fairness that are most rewarding.

There is no perfect time to make this announcement, but with filing opening in six weeks, it is important to give the women and men in South Carolina who might be interested in serving ample time to reflect on the decision.

To my wife, Terri, and our two children, Watson and Abigail: thank you for all you sacrificed, missed, or did alone so I could serve as both a prosecutor and a member of the House.

To my parents and my three sisters: thank you for having confidence in me and high expectations for me, even when I did not.

To the women and men I worked with at the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the United States District Court, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the 7th Circuit Solicitor’s Office, and in Congress: thank you for the texture, depth and joy you added to life.

To the law enforcement officers and victims of crime: thank you for personifying courage.

To those across South Carolina and our country who, over the past 7 years, have expressed words of encouragement, accountability and even criticism: thank you. All are needed for those in public service.

The book of Ecclesiastes teaches us there is a time and a season for all things. There is a time to start and a time to end. There is a time to come and a time to go. This is the right time, for me, to leave politics and return to the justice system.”

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State of DISORDER: Dems BOO, GROAN after Trump mentions MS-13 murder VICTIMS during State of the Union Address (Video)

(National SentinelClassless: President Donald J. Trump gave his first State of the Union Address before Congress and the nation Tuesday, during which he attempted to reach out to opposition Democrats on a number of occasions.

At one point during his speech, the subject turned to illegal immigration and the administration’s efforts to enforce immigration laws. Trump honored two families who were sitting with first lady Melania Trump and whose daughters were murdered by illegal alien members of the notorious MS-13 gang.

Trump invited Elizabeth Alvarado, Robert Mickens, Evelyn Rodriguez, and Freddy Cuevas to his State of the Union Address. They are the parents of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, who had been close friends since elementary school.

They were chased down and murdered in September 2016 by the gang members.

When Trump mentioned that, some Democrats in the chamber booed.


Former Secret Service agent and conservative columnist and radio host Dan Bongino tweeted, “The has exposed the Democrats for what they are. They just booed the parents of a murdered child & they sat on their butts for the portion of the speech about respecting the National Anthem. Unreal.”

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BONGINO: Former FBI deputy McCABE may STILL be hauled before Congress to answer questions about bogus ‘Trump dossier’

(National SentinelTestify: Former Secret Service agent and Conservative Review TV host Dan Bongino said Monday that just because former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has stepped down from his post, he remains on the payroll and, thus, can still be summoned by Congress to answer questions under oath about his agency’s relationship to the “Trump dossier.”


“McCabe is still subject to administrative FBI rules while on leave for the next 5 weeks. He must answer questions about his role in the Obamagate spying scandal BEFORE retiring or the administrative requirements disappear. If he used his position for ill intent we deserve to know,” tweeted Bongino.

McCabe’s resignation came one day after his boss, FBI Director Christopher Wray, went to the White House to read the so-called “FISA memo” written by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee.

Reports have indicated that the memo implicates figures within the FBI and Justice Department during the Obama administration who may have misrepresented the dossier as legitimate intelligence in order to secure a surveillance warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court so they could spy on President Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

The dossier was opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and commissioned by Fusion GPS, which hired former British spy Christopher Steele to produce it.

None of the contents of the dossier have been publicly verified or proven accurate. Some GOP lawmakers want to know the FBI’s role in allegedly using the dossier to secure the warrant, and whether any money exchanged hands between the FBI and Steele as payment for the dossier.

Also, The New York Times reported:

In a recent conversation, Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director, raised concerns about a forthcoming inspector general report examining the actions of Mr. McCabe and other senior F.B.I. officials during the 2016 presidential campaign, when the bureau was investigating both Hillary Clinton’s email use and the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia. 

In that discussion, according to one former law enforcement official close to Mr. McCabe, Mr. Wray suggested moving Mr. McCabe into another job, which would have been a demotion. Instead, the former official said, Mr. McCabe chose to leave. His departure was not announced at the bureau, leaving agents to learn of it from news reports. Mr. Wray, who was sworn in as director in August, named the bureau’s No. 3 official, David L. Bowdich, as his acting deputy.

Last week, the Daily Beast reported former FBI Director James Comey, McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are officially named in the FISA abuse memo.

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PETTY: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to join DEMS in skipping Trump’s State of the Union Address

(National SentinelBias: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who was once scolded by President Barack Obama during a State of the Union address along with her fellow justices, has decided not to attend President Donald J. Trump’s first annual address to Americans.

It’s not as though Ginsberg isn’t able to travel, however. She plans to be part of a “fireside chat” at the Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island.

As part of her winter speaking tour, the engagement has been scheduled since August 2017.

That said, Ginsberg has previously, and uncharacteristically for a sitting justice, criticized Trump publicly,  when she called him a “faker” with “no consistency.”

Also, last February Ginsberg did not attend Trump’s address to Congress, though as The Hill reported, she attended all eight of Obama’s congressional addresses.

Other left-leaning political figures won’t attend the State of the Union address, either, Multiple Democrat members of Congress, including Reps. Maxine Waters of California, John Lewis of Florida, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Frederica Wilson of Florida have announced they will boycott the annual event.

Other Democrats have announced different forms of protest. Some said they would wear black to honor victims of sexual assault, many of which were assaulted by liberal entertainers and actors.

After Trump’s speech, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III — the grandson of former Attorney General Robert Kennedy — will deliver the Democrat response.

The last Justice Antonin Scalia began sitting out the annual addresses in 1998, until his death last year. “You just sit there, looking stupid,” he said in 2013, according to CNN.

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Strzok-Page texts show FBI HID details of Hillary probe from Congress; knew they would be revealed in FOIA requests and ‘inflame Congress’ (Video)

(National SentinelNOversight: Presidential attorney Jay Sekulow on Friday discussed newly-released texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, saying the two knew they were stonewalling lawmakers regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Discussing the tests on his radio program, “Jay Live,” Sekulow also said the texts revealed that the two understood the hidden FBI reports would eventually be revealed in Freedom of Information Act requests and “absolutely inflame Congress.”

The two anti-Trump officials admitted to hiding “302 reports” — which are summaries of interviews conducted with witnesses and/or suspects — from lawmakers regarding Clinton’s criminal mishandling of classified emails.

Also, both then complained that FOIA requests from interested parties would eventually cause the hidden reports to be released, thus created widespread angst and condemnation in Congress.

“Peter Strzok on September 10th, 2016–this is during the heart of the election last year,” Sekulow began.

Quoting Strzok, Sekulow said, “‘Thing is, there are very inflammatory things in the 302’s’ [that’s the agents’ reports] that we didn’t turn over to Congress because they weren’t relevant to understanding the focus of the investigation.'”

“This was the investigation of Hillary Clinton-the ongoing email investigation,” Sekulow said, putting the conversation in context.

Again quoting Stzrok, Sekulow noted further, ‘These are going to come out in FOIA’s and absolutely inflame Congress…’

“In other words, once the FOIA requests come in and they are responded to, it’s going to create a firestorm,” the president’s counsel said.

Critics noted that as bad as that is, only a fraction of the total number of texts sent between Strzok and Page during a crucial five-month period have been released to Congress.


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In a single tweet, Trump BLOWS AWAY entire Dem narrative on DACA

(National SentinelImmigration Deformed: Last week the White House announced an immigration reform plan that would include eventual citizenship for some 1.8 million people, most of whom remain in the country illegally under a policy implemented by President Obama.

The plan hasn’t been well-received by many of President Donald J. Trump’s supporters because it appears to go against pledges he made during his campaign to deport people in the country illegally.

But Trump on Saturday tweeted out his rationale for allowing the so-called “DACA” recipients a lengthy path to citizenship: It would remove a key wedge issue Democrats have long used to extract concessions from Republicans.

“I have offered DACA a wonderful deal, including a doubling in the number of recipients & a twelve year pathway to citizenship, for two reasons: (1) Because the Republicans want to fix a long time terrible problem. (2) To show that Democrats do not want to solve DACA, only use it!” Trump tweeted.


That said, the president isn’t offering something for nothing. His plan includes $25 billion in funding for his proposed border wall; an end to chain migration; and an end to the diversity visa lottery program.

Obama, via executive order, implemented the DACA program in June 2012. Trump rescinded it in September, giving Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix.

Trump said at the time he believed the program violated the Constitution.

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Trump to DOJ: RELEASE the MEMO!

(National SentinelFull Disclosure: President Donald J. Trump has broken with officials inside the Justice Department and is calling for the release of the so-called “FISA memo” which is purported to show widespread Obama-era abuses of the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

As reported by The Washington Post, Trump instructed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, through chief of staff John Kelly, to release the memo in full because he believes it will shed light on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016.

The president “is inclined to have that released just because it will shed light,” a senior administration official told the Post.

“Apparently all the rumors are that it will shed light, it will help the investigators come to a conclusion,” the official added.

The Post and other media reports said that the decision to release the memo rests with House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif. Earlier, the DOJ said it would be “extremely reckless” to release the memo without first allowing the department to look it over.

Republicans in Congress who have seen the memo dismiss the DOJ’s concerns, saying the contents of the memo are “shocking” and “explosive.” They have also said the American people deserve to see it and judge for themselves the relevance of its contents.

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The Intelligence Committee voted along party lines last week to allow any member of the House to view the memo. The Senate Intelligence Committee, however, has been blocked from reviewing it.

“I’m here to tell all of America tonight that I’m shocked to read exactly what has taken place,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark MeadowsR-N.C., said in a speech on the House floor.

“I thought it could never happen in a country that loves freedom and democracy like this country. It is time that we become transparent with all of this, and I’m calling on our leadership to make this available so all Americans can judge for themselves,” he added.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., who has also seen it, said last week that it will prove that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe is bogus. He also said he believes the memo has criminal implications.

“I believe this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail. I was very persuaded by the evidence,” Gaetz told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity.

“I believe that once the American people have the opportunity to evaluate the allegations and claims in this memo, it will become evident the activities of the last administration, the crimes I believe were committed, and the total sham that this Mueller investigation is, built on a false premise and rotten to the core,” he told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson.

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White House on #SchumerShutdown: DEMS holding Americans, U.S. military, hostage over ILLEGAL aliens

(National SentinelShutting Down: The White House on Friday issued a blistering statement following the expiration of government funding, leading to a partial shutdown of the government, blaming it squarely on Democrats and their Senate leader, Charles Schumer of New York.

In the statement, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear that President Donald J. Trump was putting American citizens first and foremost in any budget and related negotiations, but that Democrats were more interested in gaining protections for people in the country illegally, no matter when or how they came.

“Senate Democrats own the Schumer Shutdown,” Sanders said.

“Tonight, they put politics above our national security, military families, vulnerable children, and our country’s ability to serve all Americans. We will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands,” she continued.

“This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators. When Democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform,” Sanders added.

“During this politically manufactured Schumer Shutdown, the President and his Administration will fight for and protect the American people.”

The House continuing budget resolution to fund the government through February 16 (and the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years) failed a cloture vote in the Senate on a largely party line vote, 50 to 49.

All Democrats voted against cloture except Senators Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Doug Jones of Alabama, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

All Republicans voted for cloture except Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky voted no for procedural reasons.

An absent John McCain of Arizona did not vote.

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House Intel Committee votes to release Simpson testimony; ‘Info suggests docs catastrophically BAD for DEMS’

(National SentinelTrump Dossier: The House Intelligence Committee quietly voted to approve the release of “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” a move journalists believe could be “catastrophically” bad for Democrats, reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram.

In a tweet, Pergram also noted that while the full committee voted to release a transcript of Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, earlier, Democrats on the intelligence panel moved to block the release of other documents, including, he believes, the memo.

FISA is a reference to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; under the act, the U.S. intelligence community must request surveillance warrants from the FISA court, which meets in secret.

There has been speculation that the infamous Trump dossier, which was commissioned by Fusion, paid for in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and which has been the subject of intense congressional scrutiny, was used to justify obtaining a FISA court warrant to spy on the 2016 presidential campaign of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.

“Fox is told that while the Intel Cmte voted in favor of the Simpson transcript, Democrats blocked the release of other documents. The committee has also voted on a motion by Rep. Pete King (R-NY) to make available to all House members a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” Pergram tweeted.

In another tweet, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York called the release a “major development.

After noting that the memo, which is classified, could be viewed in a secure room now by all House members, York tweeted the importance of the document? “Report contains answer to question of whether FBI/DOJ used Trump dossier to secure FISA warrant to spy on Americans, plus other issues. Now, whole House can know. Public still in dark. 3/3”

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, tweeted after learning of the document and its release, “Blocking documents is a super weird thing to do if, as Democrats assert, all they want is transparency. What are they trying to hide?”

Live Fire Original


Davis then added, “Schiff and the rest of the House Intel Democrats saw the DOJ/FBI/FISA docs on the dossier over a week ago. The lack of any leaks plus their votes today to block release of that info suggest the documents are catastrophically bad for Dems.”


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., recently told fellow Republicans he has seen evidence demonstrating clear “abuse” of government surveillance programs by the Justice Department and FBI.

As reported exclusively by investigative correspondent Sara Carter of Circa News, “The unverified dossier alleging connections between President Trump’s campaign and the Russians was used as evidence by the FBI to gain approval from a secret court to monitor members of Trump’s team.”

bullet proof vests

Last week House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said, “Some of the things that will be coming out are so unbelievable that the FBI and DOJ would actually allow it to happen. And I would also say that there are other agencies… We are focusing in, honing in on that target.”

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Gowdy to Mueller: ‘Don’t build case’ against TRUMP based on Steve Bannon statements (Video)

(National SentinelUnbelievable: South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy on Wednesday said during an interview with Fox News‘ Martha McCallum that former top White House political adviser Steve Bannon has a “credibility problem.”

As such, Gowdy warned special counsel Robert Mueller to avoid using his past criticisms of President Donald J. Trump, his son Donald Jr., and other members of the Trump campaign to build a case against them regarding alleged Russian collusion.

Gowdy was basing his statements on testimony Bannon, former head of Breitbart News, gave to the House Intelligence Committee, on which Gowdy sits, earlier this week.

“I think the only thing dangerous for President Trump or his campaign is credible evidence,” Gowdy said.

“This is the same witness that said there was a zero percent chance that the Russian lawyer wasn’t walked up to Trump, and when he was asked what that evidence was, he came up with nothing,” he added.

“This is the same witness that said that members of the president’s family committed acts of treason,” Gowdy noted further.

“So he’s got a credibility issue. If they’re hinging the entire case on Steve Bannon‘s credibility, good luck to the prosecution.”

Bannon testified for some 10 hours on Tuesday, refusing to answer many of the panel’s questions, much to their chagrin.

At one point, according to one report, Gowdy himself grilled Bannon over why he would say things about the Trump campaign and campaign team to Michael Wolff, author of the highly controversial new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” but not answer lawmakers’ questions.

Here’s Gowdy’s interview with McCallum:

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STATS: Non-citizens committing disproportionate share of federal CRIMES; NO on DACA

(National Sentinel‘Illegal’ Immigrants: A newly released report from an immigration reform group found that illegal aliens account for an outsized portion of all federal crimes, lending further support to critics of Democrats’ push to legalize DACA recipients.

The Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for a reduction in legal immigration and pushes for assimilation of the current immigrant population in the U.S., said it found that of those convicted of federal crimes between 2011 and 2016, 44.2 percent were not U.S. citizens.

If immigration crimes are excluded, 21 percent of convicts were not U.S. citizens – 2.5 times the non-citizen share of the population, CIS analysts — who relied on U.S. Sentencing Commission data — said.

“These new numbers show that, at least at the federal level, non-citizens are more likely to commit crimes than non-citizens,” Dr. Steven Camarota, the center’s director of research and author of the analysis, said.

“Of course, it is hard to speak unequivocally about immigrant crime in general as states and localities do not systematically track the country of birth, citizenship, or legal status of those they arrest, convict, or incarcerate,” he noted further.

He said that most lawbreaking occurs at the state and local level, and as such, it’s not practical to simply extrapolate generally about illegal immigrant federal crimes.

“Nonetheless, federal law enforcement is still enormous, with 312,000 people (67,000 of them non-citizens, both legal and illegal) sentenced in the federal courts between 2011 and 2016, excluding immigration violations,” he wrote in his analysis.

“And in the federal system, where we do have good data, non-citizens account for a disproportionate share of those who are sentenced for many different types of non-immigration crimes.”

The areas where non-citizens account for a much larger share of convictions than their 8.4 percent share of the adult population include:

  • 42.4 percent of kidnapping convictions;
  • 31.5 percent of drug convictions;
  • 22.9 percent of money laundering convictions;
  • 13.4 percent of administration of justice offenses (e.g. witness tampering, obstruction, and contempt);
  • 17.8 percent of economic crimes (e.g. larceny, embezzlement, and fraud);
  • 13 percent of other convictions (e.g. bribery, civil rights, environmental, and prison offenses); and
  • 12.8 percent of auto thefts.

The report comes as President Donald J. Trump and Congress work on legislation pertaining to the fate of DACA, or Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era policy initiated by executive order that protected some 700,000-800,000 illegal aliens brought into the country as children by their parents.

Obama implemented the policy in 2012, but Trump rescinded it in September, giving Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix.

A federal court on Tuesday issued a temporary injunction against rescinding the program until lawsuits filed by outside groups in support of keeping it in place work their way through the legal system.

As for the fate of DACA, Trump met with Republican and Democratic leaders at the White House on Tuesday to discuss immigration reform that was open to reporters. Democrats are pushing for a “clean” DACA bill that legalizes those who fall under the policy, with an eventual path to citizenship.

But that clashes with Trump’s campaign pledges, where he promised to deport DACA recipients and all illegal aliens, as well as build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Conservative pundits reminded the president of his pledges throughout the day, with one — Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson — going so far as to question why Trump ran if he’s not going to push for the immigration reform measures he promised on the campaign trail.

“Amnesty for DACA recipients is the only leverage the White House has. Once the president agrees to let them jump to the head of the line, ahead of millions of other people hoping to come here legally, the negotiation is over,” Carlson said.

“At that point, why would Democrats agree to anything? Ending chain migration, the diversity lottery, supporting a merit based system that might actually help America? No chance.”

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DeSantis Demands: Declassify ALL docs related to the BOGUS Trump-Russia ‘dossier’

(National SentinelFull Disclosure: A leading Republican has sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., demanding that all documents the House Intelligence Committee has related to the discredited “Trump-Russia dossier” be declassified and released to the public.

“The American people deserve answers; the American people have the right to know,” Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida wrote.

Previously, DeSantis, who has been demanding more disclosure over regarding the dossier, also wants the House to release all documents related to Obama-era FISA court requests related to spying on the Trump campaign.

DeSantis’ request is pursuant to Rule X of the House rules.

“The bureaucracies at FBI and DOJ have refused to answer basic questions about the origins of the Russian counterintelligence investigation or provide a full accounting of how the government utilized the Steele dossier,” the lawmaker tweeted.

According to a tweeted picture of his letter, DeSantis wrote to Ryan, “The American people deserve answers. I’m requesting Speaker Ryan ask, pursuant to House rules, Chairman Nunes to declassify any documents his committee may have related to the Steele dossier.”

Rep. Devin Nunes is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which has been investigating the origins of the dossier and whether it was improperly used to justify a counterintelligence surveillance warrant from the FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign.

“The American people have the right to know whether government agents such as Peter Strzok inappropriately intervened in the 2016 presidential election against then-candidate Donald J. Trump,” he wrote.

“On January 3, 2018, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes announced that his committee will receive all documents it sought from the Department of Justice related to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation.

“The American people have a right to know to what extent the federal government made use of the dossier,” DeSantis wrote.

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They ADMIT it! Leaked memo shows DEMS want DACA ‘Dreamers’ for ‘future electoral success’

(National SentinelTransformation: A memo circulated by the Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund on Monday noted that illegal aliens brought to the U.S. at a young age — the so-called “Dreamers” — are a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

The memo, co-written by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, was distributed to allies who are calling on congressional Democrats to “refuse to offer any votes for Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix for Dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them.”

Last fall President Donald J. Trump moved to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy which was implemented by President Obama via executive order, to prevent illegals brought to the U.S. as children by their parents from being deported.

A number of states threatened to sue the Trump administration if it did not end the program, which they said was unconstitutionally implemented. After Trump rescinded Obama’s order in September, several Democrat-run states filed suit against the administration, demanding DACA be replaced.

After rescinding the order, Trump called on Congress to come up with a legislative fix for the Dreamers facing deportation.

Thus far, the House has put forth a bipartisan DACA compromise bill that also claims to address concerns over chain migration. But it’s unclear it could pass.

The CAP Action memo says protecting DACA is not only a “moral imperative” for Democrats, it also key to getting votes.

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” reads Palmieri’s memo, according to The Daily Caller.

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond,” the memo continues. “In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”

Several conservative pundits and lawmakers have warned that if Republicans cave on the DACA issue and vote for amnesty, it will put their congressional majority in danger and could also lead to Trump’s defeat in 2020.

They have also warned that Democrats want to save DACA for the very reason the memo states: Future voters.

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