Study: Welfare for FOREIGN refugees costing U.S. taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars

(National SentinelAmerica First: A new study appears to validate President Donald J. Trump’s claims that taxpayers are increasingly on the hook to care for refugees who are brought into the country and resettled.

The study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) found that foreign refugees are being given about $867 million in welfare benefits every year.

In all, taxpayers are billed about $1.8 billion for the full cost of resettling foreign refugees every year, the study found. And after five years, American taxpayers will have spent about $8.8 billion on resettling foreign refugees.

“Using the most recent admissions figures, data on federal and state public assistance programs, and information from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), our analysis found:

  • The cost per refugee to American taxpayers just under $79,600 every year in the first five years after a refugee is resettled in the U.S.;
  • In 2016, the State Department spent nearly $545 million to process and resettle refugees, including $140,389,177 on transportation costs;
  • Of the $1.8 billion in resettlement costs, $867 billion was spent on welfare alone;

  • In their first five years, approximately 54 percent of all refugees will hold jobs that pay less than $11 an hour;
  • $71 million will be spent to educate refugees and asylum-seekers, a majority of which will be paid by state and local governments.
  • Over five years, an estimated 15.7 percent of all refugees will need housing assistance, which is roughly $7,600 per household in 2014 dollars.”

“It is important to note that this analysis does not address the costs associated with any incurred national security and law enforcement costs associated with some refugees who pose a threat,” the study continued.

“The total price of additional vetting and screening expenditures, law enforcement and criminal justice costs, and federal homeland security assistance to state and local agencies is hard to quantify,” it said.

Democrats have long argued that refugees and immigrants do not qualify for federal welfare benefits. But FAIR’s study proves otherwise.

Since 1980, the U.S. has admitted more than 3.5 million foreign refugees, with nearly 100,000 refugees arriving in 2016 under former President Obama.


Trump, who has been critical of U.S. refugee resettlement programs, lowered the number of refugees admitted to the country, reducing the annual flow of refugees by 70 percent in his first year in office, as Breitbart News reported.

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Study: Yeah, Americans are OK with lower taxes AND less govt. spending

(National SentinelTax reform: Many members of Congress would love for you to believe that “most Americans” don’t want any cuts in government spending or services, which is why any Trump-era tax reforms that involve less government theft of personal and corporate earnings must be “paid for.”

chief-organics-msmThat’s a bogus premise to begin with. They only thing that needs to be “paid for” is government spending.

And, as the Heritage Foundation’s American Perceptions Initiative into American attitudes toward tax reform found, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of Americans say that the federal tax system needs major changes and reform. In addition, nine in 10 Americans (91 percent) agree that the system needs at least some changes.

What’s more, Americans are cool with less government spending as well. As reported by The Daily Signal:

The prospect of tax cuts have some worried that they would lead to reductions in revenue, and have called for the tax cuts to be offset by new taxes or tax increases in other areas.

However, tax cuts should not be paid for by tax increases elsewhere, and the American people agree.

Sixty-eight percent of registered voters in the survey said that potential lower revenue from tax cuts should lead to lower government spending, with overall spending cuts or entitlement reform to control the financial burden of federal spending.

Fact is, with a national debt nearing $20 trillion, the nation is on an unsustainable fiscal path. The federal government taxes too much, spends too much, and produces too much debt, period.

Tax reform – as in, tax cuts – done right, as President Ronald Reagan’s tax reforms proved, will generate more revenue for the government, not less, as more people work and spend and generate wealth. But that doesn’t mean Washington shouldn’t cut its spendthrift habits or that entitlement reform shouldn’t happen.

Most Americans, as this new study indicates, agree.


Dependency Nation: Welfare rates, ‘Medicaid babies’ skyrocket; half of states have rates of 50 percent or more

(NationalSentinelEntitlements: The rates of dependency in the United States have skyrocketed throughout the Obama years, with nearly most babies born into Medicaid in nearly half of all states.

As reported by CNS News, rates of welfare and Medicaid dependency for newborns in 24 states involves at least 50 percent of births, leaving little doubt as to why the cost of the program to the one-half of the country that even pays income taxes anymore has exploded:

In 24 of the nation’s 50 states at least half of the babies born during the latest year on record had their births paid for by Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

New Mexico led all states with 72 percent of the babies born there in 2015 having their births covered by Medicaid.

Arkansas ranked second with 67 percent; Louisiana ranked third with 65 percent; and three states—Mississippi, Nevada and Wisconsin—tied for fourth place with 64 percent of babies born there covered by Medicaid.

New Hampshire earned the distinction of having the smallest percentage of babies born on Medicaid. In that state, Medicaid paid for the births of only 27 percent of the babies born in 2015.

Virginia and Utah tied for the next to last position, with 31 percent of the babies born on Medicaid.

However, according to KFF, some of the nation’s most populous states shared the distinction of having 50 percent or more of the babies born there born on Medicaid.

Here’s a chart showing Medicaid births in all states:


America, the dependent, should be our new motto.

For the record, Obamacare dramatically increased taxpayers’ burden for Medicaid, which was already on an unsustainable trajectory. And now Republicans have fumbled their first attempt at repealing that disaster of a law, meaning the taxes to support the law’s dramatic Medicaid expansion will continue to be collected.

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Long gone are the days of our “Greatest Generation,” when everyone was expected to pull their own weight, contribute to society, and raise generations of children instilled with the same work ethic and principle. Thanks to vote-buying tax policies by our politicians, something like 48 percent of Americans don’t even pay any income taxes – but boy, do they sure lap up the generous benefits offered by Uncle Sam through decades of liberal policy, as this one chart clearly shows.

Worse, Democrats and the far-Left media have made existing entitlements politically untouchable, which means the unsustainable path to financial ruin will remain perpetual.

The day of reckoning is coming. Political leaders can only kick the can so far down the road before the road ends – and it will, suddenly and without warning.

Trump plans $10.5 trillion cuts that include eliminating ENTIRE federal agencies

(NationalSentinel) Most people don’t know this, but approximately 80 percent of the Commerce Department consists of the National Weather Service.

That’s right; 80 percent. And here you thought that the Commerce Department’s primary function was to enhance commerce–trade, business growth and interaction, industrial growth, etc.


And because of this incredibly useless department, it very well could be on a list of agencies the incoming Trump administration seeks to trim, cut, slash and even eliminate. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, President-elect Trump wants to cut $10.5 trillion out of the federal budget over 10 years, or roughly half of the $20 trillion national debt President Obama and past congresses are leaving him:

The Trump administration is seeking major cuts to federal spending upon taking office, with plans to eliminate agencies and programs to reduce the budget by over $10 trillion.

The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated, according to a new report on the administration’s spending priorities…


The State Department, Department of Justice, and Department of Transportation would also see programs removed entirely. The Government Accountability Office has identified hundreds of billionsof taxpayer funding that could be saved by eliminating duplicative programs.

The new administration will release a “skinny budget” approximately 200 pages long within 45 days summarizing the president-elect’s spending priorities. A full budget is not expected until April.

Predictably the far-Left Democratic Party (and some Republicans) are vehemently opposed to any reductions at all in the size of the federal government. But the billionaire businessman president we now have isn’t used to running his empire with deficits; he’s used to running them with major profits, which demands efficiency and elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse.

What a concept; a lean, mean federal government that comes in on time and under budget.