DiGenova doubles down: ‘Heading for very SAD ENDING for several FBI, DOJ officials’ over FISA, Team Trump abuses (Video)

(National SentinelCriminals: Former U.S. attorney for the D.C. District Joe diGenova told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity Wednesday evening that he believes several current and former FBI and Justice Department officials involved in abusing the system in order to spy on President Donald J. Trump’s campaign are going to jail.

In what he called the “largest” federal law enforcement scandal in the history of the country, diGenova said it will be a “sad day” soon for those involved.

“We are heading toward a very sad ending for the FBI and senior DOJ officials. [Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe is gone because [FBI Director Christopher] Wray knows what’s in the other emails and other texts,” he said, referring to communications between anti-Trump elements of the DOJ and FBI that have recently been revealed.

“The investigation that is underway is going to lead to criminal charges against a number of people,” diGenova predicted. “What you are seeing coming out now in the text messages is just the minimum of what is available now to DOJ officials… I believe that several high FBI officials will be charged criminally.”

He added: “This is the largest law enforcement scandal in history for this reason. The activity for McCabe and others, and [Justice Department official] Bruce Ohr and others, were designed to subvert the Constitution and a national election – the most serious offense under our Constitution.”

Last week the House Intelligence Committee released a four-page “FISA memo” detailing serial abuses by elements of the Obama FBI and DOJ of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to obtain surveillance warrants against a one-time member of Trump’s campaign, Carter Page.

The memo noted that the FBI relied on “dossier” compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele containing salacious allegations against Trump and members of his campaign.

The FBI reportedly failed to vet the dossier before using it as Exhibit A in order to obtain the surveillance warrant from the FISC.

Watch, per Fox News:

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Flashback: Obama plays ‘LIAR in chief’ with FOX News’ Chris Wallace over claim he doesn’t talk with FBI directors regarding investigations (unless it’s Hillary) (Video)

(National SentinelMisdirect: In an April 2016 interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, then-President Barack Obama claimed that he never spoke to Attorney General Loretta Lynch or any FBI directors regarding ongoing investigations.

“I can guarantee that not because I give Attorney General [Loretta] Lynch a directive, that is institutionally how we have always operated,” the former president claimed.

“I do not talk to the Attorney General about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line and always have maintained it. I guarantee it.”

“I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case but in any case. Period. Nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the Justice Department because nobody is above the law,” he added.

Obama’s claim resurfaced on Wednesday after text messages exchanged between anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, indicating otherwise were released by the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

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“Potus wants to know everything we’re doing,” Page told Strzok in a text message dated Sept 2, 2016. Page then described preparing former FBI director  James Comey to brief Obama on the details of the then-ongoing investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails.


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House Intel chair Nunes exposes Comey’s big DOSSIER LIE; challenges him to RE-TESTIFY before his committee

(National SentinelSelf-Defense:  House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., defended his panel’s release of the scandalous FISA memo and disputed former FBI Director James Comey’s criticism of it.

During a Fox News interview with newsman Brett Baier, Nunes also extended an invitation to the fired former FBI director to reappear before the Intelligence Committee to answer new questions about the so-called “Trump dossier,” a political opposition document Comey and others within the Obama administration misrepresented as legitimate intelligence before the FISA court in order to get a surveillance warrant so they could spy on a President Donald J. Trump campaign figure, Carter Page.

Nunes was also highly critical of the politicized Obama-era FBI, Justice Department and State Department, which he compared to a “banana republic.”

“Mr. Comey had a chance in January, February, March, April…all the way til June (2016) to come clean about who for the [falacious anti-Trump dossier],” said Nunes, according to this transcript.

“He was asked about it in January [2017] and he said very clearly that he knew that it was Republicans who started the dossier — which was a lie — and then when asked and probed further, ‘Well, who finished the dossier?’ he didn’t know,” Nunes continued.

“Now maybe he was lying, maybe he didn’t know. But both seem a problem,” Nunes added. “So Mr. Comey is welcome to come back, tell us when he learned that the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the dossier.

“He’s welcome to come back and share that information, but I think the American people understand that the FBI should not go to secret courts using information that was paid for by the Democrats to open up investigations and get warrants on people of the other political party,” Nunes said.

“That the type of stuff that happens in banana republics.”

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WHAAAT? Fox News analyst says Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein THREATENED Intel Chair Nunes and panel members in meeting WEEKS ago (Video)

(National SentinelFISA Abuse: Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said during an appearance on “Hannity” Friday night following the release of the FISA memo earlier in the day with a stunning claim.

During the interview, Jarrett told host Sean Hannity and others that sources told him Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who took oversight of the “Russia collusion” investigation after AG Jeff Sessions recused himself, threatened House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and other GOP members of the panel over the FISA memo.

“I can tell you a congressional source tells me that Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened Chairman Nunes and members of Congress he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the intel committee,” Jarrett said.

“That’s threats and intimidation,” he added to a stunned Hannity.

Meanwhile, Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter, an investigative reporter for Circa News, added that the revelations contained in the FISA memo are merely about “10 percent” of what else is coming in terms of the abuses associated with spying on the Trump campaign by the Obama administration.

“This is even more important,” she said. “The investigation is now going to be reversed.” She added that Republican members of Congress would now be calling for a special counsel to investigate anyone who was tied to using the unverified “Trump dossier” in order to fool the FISA court into issuing a surveillance warrant so Obama-era FBI and Justice Department officials could spy on Team Trump.

“They’re going to look at criminality here,” Carter added.


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Gowdy: ‘FIX was IN’ to clear HILLARY no matter what she did, as newly released texts PROVE

(National SentinelExonerate: During a Thursday evening appearance on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said newly revealed texts between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page show that “the fix was in” to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing involving her mishandling of classified information.

In a text released to the public, Page, in reference to Clinton, wrote to Strzok, “One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?”

He responded, “I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. I will email you and [redacted] same” — in which he appears to be saying he contacted Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, about the case.

The messages were exchanged during the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of an unsecured private email server while serving as Obama’s secretary of state.

“This, I think is the unvarnished truth of how they viewed both her, him and the investigation and how they wanted it to turn out,” Gowdy said.

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“Keep in mind, Tucker, all of this is done before she was ever interviewed. So the fix was in. Unfortunately, before they even interviewed the target of the investigation.”

Tucker responded: “What does it tell you about what they thought of Hillary Clinton? They believed, if she became president she would punish our chief law enforcement agency for investigating her. What does that say about their view of her? Or their understanding of her?”

It’s either that, or I think another reasonable construction is she’d award the DOJ, thinking it was more DOJ lawyers that concluded she should not be charged as opposed to the FBI,” Gowdy said.

“And that’s actually how I read it–that she would give more credit to the Department of Justice–you know, keep in mind, reading these texts, it doesn’t appear that anyone wanted her charged, before they even know what she was going to say.

“I read that to be, they were concerned the DOJ would get the credit for taking care of her more than the bureau would,” he said.

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FBI whistleblower: ‘SECRET SOCIETY’ is REAL; held HUSH-HUSH meetings off-site (Video)

(National SentinelTreason: A Republican senator from Wisconsin says that an FBI informant has told Congress that a “secret society” of FBI officials held meetings off-site after President Donald J. Trump won the November 2016 election.

“That secret society — we have an informant that’s talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site,” Sen. Ron Johnson said in an interview with Fox News. “There is so much smoke here.”

When pressed further, Johnson said that congressional investigators were continuing to look into the matter, and that it is “not a distraction.”

“This is bias, this is potential corruption at the highest levels of the FBI,” he added.

“And by the way, [special counsel] Robert Mueller used to run the FBI,” said Johnson. “He is in no position to do an investigation over this kind of misconduct. So I think at this point in time, we probably should be looking at a special counsel to undertake this investigation.”


This comes after text messages between FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page, his paramour, revealed that a “secret society” of officials within the FBI met the day after the election of Donald J. Trump to plot against the president-elect.

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Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Shocking’ FISA memo context revealed proving MASSIVE corruption at ‘HIGHEST levels’ (Video)

(National SentinelObamagate: During a Friday evening appearance with Fox News‘ Martha McCallum, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan discussed the “shocking” FISA memo released to lawmakers by the House Intelligence Committee that ostensibly details massive abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by the Obama administration.

Specifically, the four-page memo reportedly proves that the Obama White House misused the FISA process to improperly obtain a surveillance warrant against members of President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and transition team under the guise of a counterintelligence operation.

Jordan, who said he’s read the memo, appeared with McCallum to discuss the context to the memo.

“I know that you are, you’re all not talking about the classified information in this four page document put together by [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Devin Nunes [R-Calif], basically collates all of their investigation that he wanted all of you to see,” McCallum said. “You’ve read it. Do you believe that there is a crime in there committed by the DOJ and FBI or members of those entities?”

“Look, what I believe is what my colleagues have said, what I’ve said is the American people need to see this. We want the journalists in this great country to see this. Mostly, we want the American people to understand what the FBI did, how wrong it was, and again, we’re not allowed to talk about it,” Jordan said.

“The last point [Fox News correspondent] Ed [Henry] made was right on target. The committee could meet today, could meet tomorrow — if the majority of the committee votes to release this — it goes to the White House, the White House could say ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down,'” Jordan continued, alluding to the fact that Trump would have to approve the memo’s public release.

“My guess is there going to say ‘thumbs up’ and then it’s out there and the American people can see what took place at the highest levels of our FBI, at the highest levels of the Justice Department that should not happen in this great nation,” Jordan added.

McCallum said some have compared the alleged scandal to Watergate, calling it much more serious, then pressed Jordan for more specifics regarding Obama administration actions.

“Again, I can’t talk about the specifics, that’s why we’re pushing so hard make it public so we can talk about the specifics,” he responded. “But think about what we knew a long time ago.

“The Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. Think about those text messages from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, where they talk about — remember the text messages where they talk about ‘walking through Wal-Mart, I can smell the Trump supporters’ — the derision they have for  the people who supported the president,” Jordan said.

“The anti-Trump bias, the pro-Clinton bias and then think about the text messages that talks about an insurance policy to make sure Donald Trump is not elected by the American people,” he said.

Watch (video credit Fox News):

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Obama says Fox News viewers live ‘on a different planet;’ Newt Gingrich just HAS to school him

(National Sentinel‘Fantasy’: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a scathing response to former President Obama’s claim that viewers of Fox News “live on a different planet” than those who watch NPR or other Left-leaning media outlets.

In an interview with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity, the former Speaker said it will be Obama who, many years from now, will still be living in a fantasy world, convinced that his policies in the White House were successful.

“I listened to (Obama’s comments) and I thought to myself, ‘This guy is so whacked,’” Gingrich stated, adding that the former Democratic president still doesn’t “get it.”

“Many, many years from now in a nursing home, or a nice retirement community, Barack Obama will be still living in a fantasy life. He’ll think that Iran really wanted to have a deal, he’ll think that high taxes really work, he’ll think that welfare’s a good deal,” Gingrich said.

Hannity went on to criticize the establishment media’s coverage of President Donald J. Trump, saying they lived in a fantasy world believing against all credibility that the president’s campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Despite a year and a half’s worth of investigating, neither Congress nor the FBI or Justice Department has found any evidence to support the allegations.

Gingrich, who is writing a book called “Trump’s America,” explained the divide in news coverage of the president and Republicans in general.

“Over here is a left-wing, corrupt establishment which sincerely sees this fight as a function of identity politics in which if they lose, they will disappear,” he said.

“Over here are the rest of us who are thinking, ‘A lot of these ideas are really weird,’” noting that Americans are unable to relate to Obama’s thinking on the Iran deal and his progressive ideals pushed while in the White House.

Obama made his comments on David Letterman’s new Netflix series, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman,” which debuted on Friday.

“One of the biggest challenges we have to our democracy is the degree to which we don’t share a common baseline of facts,” he said, as reported by The Hill.  “If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you are listening to NPR.”

The latter has often been criticized for having an extreme Left-wing viewpoint.

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CNN’s ‘media’ guy Brian Stelter is ANGRY at Fox News for reporting…the TRUTH

(National SentinelHead-Scratcher: The media correspondent for CNN, Brian Stelter, is calling out Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” morning show because the hosts reported an accurate polling statistic comparing Presidents Donald J. Trump and Barack Obama.


On Thursday The National Sentinel reported that Trump’s approval rating had popped to 46 percent, while his disapproval had fallen to 53 percent.

“Fox & Friends” shared this fact on air Friday morning, leading the president to tweet out his satisfaction about the polls.


But according to Stelter, it was a “disservice” to viewers of Fox & Friends for the show to share that information.

“This is a prime example of how ‘Fox & Friends’ does a disservice to viewers,” Stelter tweeted.

However, according to a Dec. 28, 2009 poll by Rasmussen Reports, the same firm that released Trump’s latest approval ratings, had Obama at 47 percent favorable; just a day later, on Dec. 29, Obama’s rating fell to 46 percent favorable and 53 percent unfavorable, the same as Trump’s.

“So Brian Stelter is apparently angry that Fox News reported poll numbers that are factually accurate because they happen to be favorable to the president. Very unbiased,” The Daily Caller observed.

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WOW: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson posts ‘Never-Before-Seen’ CRIME STATS for ILLEGAL aliens (Video)

(National SentinelDispelling Myths: On his Thursday night program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson presented what he said were “never-before-seen” statistics indicating that illegal aliens commit far more crimes than previously known.

Carlson began the segment by recounting an argument that Democratic politicians often make in supporting unlimited immigration, legal or illegal, and recounted how liberals claim non-citizens commit less crime than U.S. citizens.

“They are your superiors,” he said, mockingly.

Then Carlson began presenting a list of statistics he said he never been presented to the American public to support his position.

“According to statistics from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, non-citizens are actually far more likely to commit serious crimes than Americans are,” said Carlson.

For instance, he said, “Non-citizens account for 22 percent, more than a fifth of all federal murder convictions.”

Also, they account for “18 percent of fraud convictions” and “33 percent of money laundering convictions,” added Carlson.

Illegal aliens are also responsible for “29 percent of drug trafficking convictions and 72 percent of convictions for drug possession.”

“Meanwhile, the non-citizen percentage of the American people? About 7 percent,” he added.

In summing up the newly released statistics, the Fox News host said this is a “massively disproportionate” amount of crime committed by illegal aliens.

“Why have so many people been lying to us for so long? That’s a question we plan to ask a whole bunch of people,” Carlson said.


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Obama intel inspector general threatened over Clinton emails; DNI Clapper helped cover it up

(National SentinelClinton Scandals: The former intelligence community inspector general during the Obama administration said he his livelihood was threatened by the campaign of Hillary Clinton after he discovered “top secret” emails had passed through the former secretary of state’s unauthorized, unsecured private email server.

In a Monday night interview with Fox News national security correspondent Kathrine Herridge, Charles McCullough III said, “There was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office.”

McCullough said that then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was given a briefing on the findings, but in turn he was told to keep the top intelligence official out of the matter and threatened by superiors.

As Herridge reported further, McCollough sent a letter to Congress in January 2016 informing members that emails “beyond top secret” had passed through Clinton’s private email server.

“All of a sudden, I was being told I was a shill for the right,” he said. “I was told, ‘Be careful, you’re losing your credibility.'”

Fox News reported:

[T]he former inspector general, with responsibility for the 17 intelligence agencies, said the executive who recommended him to the Obama administration for the job – then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – was also disturbed by the independent Clinton email findings.

“[Clapper] said, ‘This is extremely reckless.’ And he mentioned something about — the campaign … will have heartburn about that,” McCullough said.

He said Clapper’s Clinton email comments came during an in-person meeting about a year before the presidential election – in late December 2015 or early 2016. “[Clapper] was as off-put as the rest of us were.”

After the Clapper meeting, McCullough said his team was marginalized. “I was told by senior officials to keep [Clapper] out of it,” he said, while acknowledging he tried to keep his boss in the loop.

Herridge: Was there an effort to deliberately mislead the public about Clinton’s classified emails?”

McCullough: “Absolutely.”

Asked what would have happened to him if he had done what Clinton did, the former inspector general replied, “I’d be sitting in [Fort] Leavenworth [federal penitentiary] right now.”

As The Gateway Pundit noted, despite the fact that investigators including McCollough had concrete evidence that Clinton had violated numerous statutes governing the mishandling of classified materials, there was a coordinated effort to keep Clapper out of the continuing investigation.

“The former CIA director could have helped get the FBI’s house in order by briefing bureau officials on the seriousness of the evidence — but instead, did nothing,” the site reported.

“Clapper’s silence on the evidence he was presented more than suggests he is complicit in covering up Clinton’s wrongdoings.”

The news of Clapper’s alleged malfeasance follows an earlier claim by Rep. Matt Gaetz, F-Fla., that lawmakers have evidence the FBI under then-Director James Comey botched the investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails.

“We now have evidence that the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton did not follow normal and standard procedures,” he told Fox News.

FO-300x250-1“The current deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe sent emails just weeks before the presidential election saying that the Hillary Clinton investigation would be special — that it would be handled by a small team at headquarters, that it would be given special status,” he added.

Continuing, Gaetz said, “Combine that with the fact that Attorney General Loretta Lynch told the James Comey to call this ‘a matter’ and not an investigation. That she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac and that James Comey himself has admitted in testimony that he drafted the exoneration statement of Hillary Clinton before even interviewing her or other key witnesses.

“We seem to have a departure from the normal application of the law. And we will be calling for a full review by the Judiciary Committee of the processes and procedures that potentially gave Hillary Clinton a different process and a different standard of justice than would be applied to any other American,” he added.

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That Fox News poll showing a tight race between Judge Moore and his Dem opponent in the Deep Red state of Alabama Trump Country is BOGUS

(National SentinelFake News Polling: Honestly, we thought more of Fox News than this, but when you’re a network addicted to that ridiculous (and never right) buffoon Karl Rove, this is what you get.

You may recall that the network published a poll over the last 24 hours purporting to show that Republican senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore is running neck-and-neck with Democratic rival Doug Jones in Deep Red Alabama, a state where Trump won big — 28 points — over Hillary Clinton:

Republican Roy Moore, the anti-Republican establishment candidate, is tied at 42 percent apiece with Democrat Doug Jones in the U.S. Senate race in deep-red Alabama.

A Fox News Poll also finds that among just the 53 percent of Alabama registered voters who are extremely or very interested in the race, Jones has a one-point edge over Moore (46-45 percent).

The special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is December 12.

If that sounds just completely bonkers to you, trust your instincts because it is bonkers. And bogus.

As Breitbart News‘ London managing editor Raheem Kassam points out, the polling data is so skewed and so incredibly tainted that it’s practically worthless:

From the random digit dialing, the tiny sample size, as well as the partisan nature of the pollsters, it should be clear to anyone with half a brain how poor this data is. It’s actually an insult to the Fox News audience that the network would continue to hold this up as reliable.

But wait, there’s more. 

As an advisor to the Great America Alliance Andy Surabian pointed out late last night, to believe this poll would be to believe that President Trump only has a +1 favorability rating in Alabama.

How does President Donald J. Trump go from +28 to +1 in a state where he scored a massive victory in less than 10 months?

Answer: He doesn’t.


According to the pollsters, Shaw & Company (R) and Anderson Robbins (D), the Democratic Party is as popular as President Trump in the solidly red state. I know no better response to such nonsense than: LOL.

I said yesterday how these pollsters were just establishment shills, servicing the Bush administration, working with Lindsay Graham supporters, and even assisting John Kerry.

But wait, there’s more.

Daron Shaw — behind the Shaw & Company organization that Fox News almost exclusively uses in partnership with Anderson Robbins — is actually an old pal of Karl Rove.

That’s the same Karl Rove who declared “Good Riddance to Steve Bannon” back in August, and who more recently declared Bannon’s plans to primary pseudo-conservative Republicans “insane.”

Rove is one of those GOP establishment-type RINOs who is about as #nevertrump as it gets. Plus, as a long-time political operative, he knows how to skew a poll in a bid to sow doubt among voters who were, at one time, very sure of their candidate choices.

This is beneath Fox News but not beneath Karl Rove because he’s a creature of the DC Swamp.

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Geraldo refutes lying San Juan mayor: ‘People are NOT dying’

(National SentinelConfronting Propaganda: Fox News host and correspondent Geraldo Rivera confronted the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico who has tried to politicize the Trump administration’s response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, insisting that no, people aren’t “dying” like she has claimed.

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz claimed, “There are people at all municipalities literally starving, dehydrating. We have had our hospital try to go back to speed but then the electricity goes off and we have to do all the bacteria testing, which takes three to four days.”

Rivera said, “But are people dying? I’ve been traveling around, I don’t see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they say they saw 53 patients and they had a person who was septic, but nobody dying.”

Cruz responded, “Dying is a continuum. If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people like we took out of a nursing home, severely dehydrated, you are dying.”

Oh. So by her definition, anyone who doesn’t eat or drink anything for several hours, say, if they’re dieting or something, is really dying.

Geraldo wasn’t buying. He followed up after the video interview, stating, “More houses destroyed, not people killed–the Mayor’s wrong about that.”

“The death count was 16 a week ago. It remains 16 today. People are not dying. That does not mean that they have all the supplies they need. That does not mean that this power company, this corrupt, inept power company should not be hounded,” he added.

Cruz accused the administration of “killing us with the inefficiency,” adding she wanted to “make sure somebody is in charge that is up to the task of saving lives.”

That didn’t sit well with the president. In a series of tweets he fired back, defending the work “10,000 federal workers” on the island who were making great progress despite having to literally deal with apocalyptic conditions.

“Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help,” Trump said in a series of tweets. “They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job.”

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Source says NBC trying to dump the failing Megan Kelly

(National SentinelMedia: Is NBC having buyer’s remorse over their multi-million dollar purchase of former Fox News star Megyn Kelly? One high-level media source says yes.

As reported by Breitbart News, not only is NBC remorseful over their decision to sign Kelly to a major deal after her program continues to tank in ratings – even after the much-hyped interview with conservative talker Alex Jones – they want Fox News to buy her out and take her back.

Only, Fox News doesn’t want her, either.

NYC radio personality Mark Simone also said that if Kelly’s ratings continue to nose dive – and (prediction!) they will – the network will have to take her off the schedule and relegate her to an MSNBC show, though given that network’s ratings rise in the age of 24/7/365 Trump hate, that might be a promotion.

Organic-Storable-Food-Supply-MRAs Breitbart News notes further:

Before she bolted to NBC, Kelly anchored The Kelly File on Fox News. During the 2016 election cycle, Kelly won praise from mainstream media journalists when she tried to undercut Donald Trump during the first Republican presidential debate in August of 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. She also gave “Never Trumpers” a forum on her primetime show to constantly slam Trump throughout the election cycle.

And as the Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove noted, Kelly also “hastened [Roger] Ailes’ forced resignation last July with her fateful decision to recount his misconduct to a team of lawyers hired by 21st Century Fox to investigate allegations made in the sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit filed by Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson.” New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported that Kelly “told investigators that Ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about ten years ago when she was a young correspondent at Fox.”

Fox’s ratings have taken a major hit after the network lost Kelly, powerhouse Bill O’Reilly, Ailes, Greta van Sustren and others.

Now NBC is wondering how best to recoup a reported $20 million investment in Kelly, which has not paid one red cent in dividends, according to Breitbart. She can’t even beat CBS News’ “60 Minutes” reruns in ratings. Or reruns of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Plus, her last interview, with Jones, had zero news value. And it may have even hurt NBC‘s reputation far more than it helped, as there was huge backlash from viewers over giving Jones, who has said the 9/11 attacks were staged and that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax, any air time at all.

Breitbart noted further: “A television executive told CNN over the weekend that NBC’s “fundamental mistake” was thinking that Kelly was actually a ‘superstar.’ NBC executives have already reportedly determined that viewers are not going to tune in to Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly just to watch Kelly and are freaking out’ over the ‘ratings disaster’ that is Kelly.”

Image credit: NBC


Trump attorney Sekulow, Fox News’ Wallace, get testy over questions about obstruction investigation

(National Sentinel) Presidential lawyer Jay Sekulow and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace had a bit of a testy exchange over whether or not President Donald J. Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice.

Trump tweeted his disgust last week after the Washington Post ran a story claiming special counsel Robert Mueller had expanded his Russia probe to include potential obstruction by Trump involving his dealings with fired FBI Director James Comey.


But Sekulow disputed that, drawing pointed questions from Wallace, as reported by Zero Hedge:

When Wallace asked whether or not Trump was under investigation, Sekulow responded that the President had not been notified of any, and that his tweet was in response to a Washington Post article based on five anonymous sources who allegedly leaked to the paper.

Sekulow: Nothing’s changed since James Comey said the President was not a target or a subject of investigation.

Wallace: Well, but, you don’t know that he isn’t under investigation now, do you.

Sekulow: No one’s notified us that he is, so I can’t read people’s minds, but I can tell you this – we have not been notified that there is an investigation of the President of the United States.

Afterward, Wallace pressed Sekulow over an earlier presidential tweet noting he relied, in part, on a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Comey, then later said he was planning on doing so anyway.

Sekulow: There is a constitutional issue when you have this scenario. The President made a determination based on consulted advice he decided ultimately he’s the commander in chief – he gets to make that decision that James Comey had to go.

Then it really started to get interesting. Sekulow prefaced his response with “Here’s the constitutional threshold question,” which Wallace interpreted as an admission of an investigation:

Here’s the constitutional threshold question Chris – the President takes action based on numerous events, including recommendations from his Attorney General and the deputy Attorney General’s office. He takes the action that they recommended, and now he’s being investigated by the Department of Justice…  So he’s being investigated for taking the action that the AG and deputy AG recommended him to take, by the agency who recommended the termination. So that’s the constitutional threshold question here.

Wallace then pounced:

Wallace: You just said that he’s being investigated.

Sekulow: No, Chris… Let me be crystal clear so you completely understand. We have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the President of the United States. Period.

Wallace: Sir you just said two times that he’s being investigated!

Sekulow: No… I just gave you the legal theory, Chris, of how the constitution works. If in fact it was correct that the President was being investigated, he would be investigated for taking action that an agency told him to take. So that is protected under the constitution as his article 1 power. That’s all I said, so I appreciate you trying to re-phrase it.

Wallace: Jay, the tape will speak for itself. You said that he is being investigated. And its’ not just being investigated for firing Comey, there’s also the question of what he said to Comey when Comey was still the FBI Director.

Sekulow: Chris, let me be clear. You asked me a question about what the President’s tweet was… that’s what you asked me. And I responded to what that legal theory would be. So I do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when I’ve been crystal clear that the President is not and has not been under investigation. I don’t think I could be any clearer than that.

It appeared as though Sekulow was attempting to explain that Trump was responding to the Post story in his tweet regarding an alleged investigation – not that he knew he was actually being investigated.

But do you see how screwed up all of this has become?

Trump is, by no close margin, the most maligned president five months into his first term than any president before him; it’s so convoluted that even his attorneys are having trouble explaining things to a vulture-like media, which has been complicit (including Fox News) in perpetuating all of the bogus narratives.

Sadly, it’s not going to get any better for Trump, and that’s the real tragedy: As he tries to deliver on his campaign promises, he’s going to be continually under siege by a hostile opposition within the Democratic Party, the “mainstream” media and, sadly, establishment Republicans in Congress.