Bongino: ‘SH*T is about to HIT THE FAN’ for Dems, OBAMA, over ‘devastating’ FISA memo from House Intel Committee

(National SentinelExposure: Former Secret Service agent and conservative pundit Dan Bongino predicted Thursday that things are about to get intense with Democrats over the House Intelligence Committee’s decision to release a “FISA memo” that could expose their party for duplicity in the 2016 election.

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For days some House Republicans have been calling for on the panel to release the classified memo, including Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Lee Zeldin of New York. As noted by Circa News and Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the memo contains “explosive” revelations that could even end special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged “collusion” between President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and Russian government operatives.

In addition, Bongino forecast that the memo’s contents would also harm the image of former President Barack Obama.

“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve disingenuously tried to portray is about to be destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see,” he tweeted.

Continuing, he added: “My sincere apologies for the expletive but SHIT IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN. The former Obama administration’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Take this check and cash it, the Democrats are in a full blown panic right now over the scandal that’s about to become a nightmare for them. Watch them all scurry like roaches when the lights come on it,” he continued.

“Release the memo and watch the rats run away like the cowards they are. Your mind is about to blown, and your eyes open, to both the power of the federal govt, and the vengefulness of an Obama administration hellbent on destroying Trump,” Bongino said.

For days on his CRTV Podcast, Bongino has been poring over and explaining details of an investigation he and others have launched into the origins and machinations surrounding the so-called “Trump dossier.”

For months many Republicans have speculated that the document, which contains salacious details about the president as well as the central allegation that his campaign colluded with Russia, was used by the FBI to obtain a surveillance warrant from the FISA court so the Obama administration could spy on the Trump campaign.

The dossier’s contents are thus far unsubstantiated and are likely a fabrication, Bongino and others have said. That means the surveillance warrant would have been obtained under a false — and perhaps political — pretense.

Last week, Bongino declared it the “most explosive scandal” that was “about to burst.”

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House Intel Committee votes to release Simpson testimony; ‘Info suggests docs catastrophically BAD for DEMS’

(National SentinelTrump Dossier: The House Intelligence Committee quietly voted to approve the release of “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” a move journalists believe could be “catastrophically” bad for Democrats, reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram.

In a tweet, Pergram also noted that while the full committee voted to release a transcript of Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, earlier, Democrats on the intelligence panel moved to block the release of other documents, including, he believes, the memo.

FISA is a reference to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; under the act, the U.S. intelligence community must request surveillance warrants from the FISA court, which meets in secret.

There has been speculation that the infamous Trump dossier, which was commissioned by Fusion, paid for in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and which has been the subject of intense congressional scrutiny, was used to justify obtaining a FISA court warrant to spy on the 2016 presidential campaign of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.

“Fox is told that while the Intel Cmte voted in favor of the Simpson transcript, Democrats blocked the release of other documents. The committee has also voted on a motion by Rep. Pete King (R-NY) to make available to all House members a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” Pergram tweeted.

In another tweet, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York called the release a “major development.

After noting that the memo, which is classified, could be viewed in a secure room now by all House members, York tweeted the importance of the document? “Report contains answer to question of whether FBI/DOJ used Trump dossier to secure FISA warrant to spy on Americans, plus other issues. Now, whole House can know. Public still in dark. 3/3”

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, tweeted after learning of the document and its release, “Blocking documents is a super weird thing to do if, as Democrats assert, all they want is transparency. What are they trying to hide?”

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Davis then added, “Schiff and the rest of the House Intel Democrats saw the DOJ/FBI/FISA docs on the dossier over a week ago. The lack of any leaks plus their votes today to block release of that info suggest the documents are catastrophically bad for Dems.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., recently told fellow Republicans he has seen evidence demonstrating clear “abuse” of government surveillance programs by the Justice Department and FBI.

As reported exclusively by investigative correspondent Sara Carter of Circa News, “The unverified dossier alleging connections between President Trump’s campaign and the Russians was used as evidence by the FBI to gain approval from a secret court to monitor members of Trump’s team.”

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Last week House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said, “Some of the things that will be coming out are so unbelievable that the FBI and DOJ would actually allow it to happen. And I would also say that there are other agencies… We are focusing in, honing in on that target.”

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CORRUPT: Comey intentionally dialed down language that could have led to Hillary indictment

(National SentinelThe Swamp: Former FBI Director James Comey carefully chose his words when he exonerated then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton last summer to avoid calls for her indictment.

As reported by The Hill, an early draft of Comey’s statement to the press when announcing he would not recommend charges against her accused the former secretary of state of having been “grossly negligent” in her handling of classified information, newly reported memos to congressional panels indicate.

But that language was later changes to a much milder accusation; when he read his press statement, Comey said Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified documents.

That’s a significant change because federal law is explicit in stating that gross negligence is the standard for criminal prosecution of anyone who mishandles classified data. Those convicted of such crimes face both prison time and hefty fines.

The Hill:

The draft, written weeks before the announcement of no charges, was described by multiple sources who saw the document both before and after it was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee this past weekend.

“There is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary Clinton, and others, used the email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified information,” reads the statement, one of Comey’s earliest drafts from May 2, 2016.

At the time of Comey’s press conference — July 2016 — legal experts and former federal prosecutors remarked that the FBI director was using language — “extremely careless” — that has never been the defining characteristic in criminal prosecutions where classified information has been mishandled.


The sources who had seen the early draft, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, said the draft statement was subsequently changed in red-line edits on or around June 10 to conclude that the handling of 110 emails containing classified information that were transmitted by Clinton and her aides over her insecure personal email server was “extremely careless.”

The documents turned over to Congress do not indicate who recommended the key wording changes, the sources said.

Memos show that at least three top FBI officials were involved in helping Comey fashion and edit the statement, including Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, General Counsel James Baker and chief of staff Jim Rybicki.

On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to current FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding to know who made the edits and why.

“Apparently, as of May 2016, then-Director Comey and other FBI officials believed the facts fit that gross negligence standard until later edits were made,” Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote to Wray in the letter demanding more information.

Others who saw the early draft say the revisions are likely to renew debates over Comey’s fitness for his job. Others noted that change clearly indicates that President Donald J. Trump was right to fire Comey earlier this year.

“The red-line history clearly shows the original statement was designed to allege Clinton committed gross negligence and then someone changed it to extreme carelessness,” one source said. “Clearly there was a difference of opinion on the term derived right from the statute.”

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Rosenstein stands by his Comey memo, says he botched Clinton investigation

(National SentinelJustice Department: The No. 2 man at the Justice Department who just appointed a special prosecutor to look into fake allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton has defended a memo he wrote in support of former FBI Director James Comey’s firing by the president.

“I wrote it. I believe it. I stand by it,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a briefing with lawmakers yesterday, according to information obtained by Fox News. He also said that Comey’s handling of the probe was “wrong and unfair.”

The report noted further:

The statement was first delivered to Senate lawmakers on Thursday and to House lawmakers during a similar briefing on Friday. 

Democratic lawmakers have claimed ever since Comey’s firing that Rosenstein’s memo was used as a mere pretext to can the director. Senators also said after the opening briefing that Rosenstein revealed he knew Comey was going to be removed before penning the Comey memo. This appeared to challenge initial White House statements citing that memo as rationale for the firing – though Trump has acknowledged he planned to fire Comey regardless of any recommendation.

But Rosenstein’s full statement provides a robust defense of his own actions, and a more complex and nuanced timeline leading up to Comey’s ouster.

In addition, the deputy AG repeated earlier judgements contained in his May 9 memo, charging that the former FBI director did not handle the Clinton email investigation well. He said Comey “usurped” the Justice Department’s authority, first during his July 2016 press conference detailing Clinton’s laundry list of offenses and recommending she not be charged, and secondly with his call to Congress in October to notify them that the investigation was being reopened.

In addition, Rosenstein said he talked about “the need for new leadership at the FBI” with then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, now attorney general, last winter.

“Among the concerns that I recall were to restore the credibility of the FBI, respect the established authority of the Department of Justice, limit public statements and eliminate leaks,” he said.

He added that on May 8 he learned of President Donald J. Trump’s decision to fire Comey, saying the president “sought my advice and input.”

“I chose the issues to include in my memorandum,” he said, adding it was reviewed by a senior career attorney.

Rosenstein’s statement puts the lie to Democrats’ claims that he was somehow put up to writing it in order to support Trump’s decision, rather than it being of his own volition after being told of the president’s pending action.

In addition, loony Dems are accusing Trump of firing Comey to end the Russia probe, which they say amounts to obstruction of justice. Except that real legal experts disagree, and the probe is continuing anyway.