If Congress doesn’t pass DACA legalization, then Dreamers will…LEAVE

(National SentinelAdios, America: A group of so-called “Dreamers” — illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as children by their parents — is threatening to self-deport if Congress fails to pass legislation legalizing their presence inside the country.

In an interview with CNN, one of the Dreamers, Alex Velez, said, “I will leave. I will leave America as soon as possible,” claiming that she would prefer to depart the country on her own terms than wait for the United States to collect and deport her.

She and others like her believe that by self-deporting their absence will be noticed by Americans and missed.

“Velez and her sister claim they own businesses, pay tuition, and hold jobs, and that America has a duty to keep them here in order to maintain their contributions,” The Daily Wire reported.

Both girls are from Venezuela, a country that is currently collapsing under the Marxist regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

President Obama implemented the Dreamers plan — formally known as Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — in September by executive order. Critics at the time decried the order, claiming it was an unconstitutional change to immigration law, which only Congress can do.

As many as 10 states lined up to challenge DACA in federal court. As such, President Donald J. Trump rescinded the order in September and gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix.

That deadline is March 5.

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5 thoughts on “If Congress doesn’t pass DACA legalization, then Dreamers will…LEAVE”

  1. Really? They’ll really leave America? That would be so fine … This is a really good thing. To you girls I say “adios … may you find as nice a life in your home country as you have in America. I wish you nothing but the best your country has to offer.” ps … Hope you’re ready to diet because your home country HAS NO FOOD!


  2. I still do not understand the issue. Their parents dropped them off or they made by themselves to the border. After that they had free family housing, free health care, of course school and preferential college. Some of these kids are having anchor babies at this point. So tell me what economic impact are they going to have on their own? Are they going to plan to be on the dole forever? Why not just offer a better deal. Give them enough money to go back home, buy a house and get a car. If the case is that they plan on lounging it would be cheaper and far more friendly. Think, we are a good country and can pull things like this off on the fly because we care. Trump and his 12 year idea is right on target if we do not want to send them back with benefits. Either way it is far cheaper then what we got.


  3. The legal residents of the US owe dreamers nothing but human decency in a kind farewell. Living in the US is an earned privilege, not an entitlement, which often seems to be overlooked.


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